ORMAS Group is Moscow based family jewelry company established in 1997. During 24 years company offers russian and foreign clients wide range of jewelry and production services. On the 2019 ORMAS Group businesses consists of three independent brands:

ORMAS Jewelry is the brand offering finest decorative items for personal adornment, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets by order. Main accent is own production of any gold and platinum jewelry with diamonds and any precious stones.
ORMAS Silver Décor is own jewelry production which offers unique high-end décor and gifts made of silver. All items are 100% handmade and often produce in the only copy in the world. Catalog consists of caviar bowls, unique fancy ships, items with natural sea shells, silverware, clocks and sculptures.
ORMAS Awards! is the direction offering custom production of different rewards and crafts, such as figurines, cups and medals. Almost all possible materials, such as plastic, acrylic, glass, metal, wood and crystal available for customer. 3D modeling and printing, automatized machinery help customers to realize projects of any level of complexity and budget.

Since founding company realized more than 5000 unique projects for more than 300 government and private companies and clients in ORMAS Silver Décor and ORMAS Awards! businesses. Best examples of exclusive silver décor items were placed on exhibitions at The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Today ORMAS Group is the company which has strong partnered dealer network in Russia, Kazakhstan, OAE, Montenegro and fast shipping all over the world. The company with a long history and unique staff of jewelers, designers and sculptors. The company which both carefully keep best jewelry traditions and modern techniques in aim to satisfy any customers wishes.

ORMAS Group. Feeling of exclusivity.

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Our clients

Euro Cement
Audi Russia
Federation Council
Police of Russia
Moscow International Film Festival
AFK Sistema
Seven Days (Russian Magazine)
Argumenty i Fakty (Weekly Newspaper)
Vympel-A (Security Company)
Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship
Interfest (Film Festival Organizer)
2morrow (Film Festival)
Yalta International Film Festival
Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation
Russian Football Union
Golden Knight International Film Forum